7 Unforgettable Things to Do in Manali

Manali is no doubt the most popular summer vacation destination in India. A height of 2050m, snow-covered Himalayan peaks surround the area and a jumping river – Manali is just soothing your eyes with its natural beauty. There are a number of amazing things to enjoy in Manali and smartly covered in Manali Tour Packages. Go for trekking, paragliding, river – rafting, or simply enjoy its weather. Manali has been featured in many films due to its beauty that presents picture perfect. There are things that you can enjoy during your stay in Manali –

Zorbing and Paragliding

Zorbing and paragliding manali

Relaxfully rolling down through a hill inside a huge transparent plastic ball, the green slopes of Solang Valley are just the thing for this activity. Two person can be adjusted in a single ball at the same time. And don’t worry about security, your guide will run at the side of.

Paragliding in Manali is yet an additional action you can do. With open spaces and far above the ground height, the Solang valley is the just right spot for paragliding.

Take a Hot Sulphur Water Bath at Manikaran


Manikaran and Vashisht Village are well-known for hot springs and a must for everyone who takes the attempt to go to this high-height site.

Head to Rohtang Pass



Rohtang Pass is an unfaithful way but the most favoured one in the middle of sightseer. It not only attach Manali to Ladakh and Leh, it is a center of escapade behavior for example – skiing, paragliding, trekking etc.



Manali is a great outing for trekkers that starts in April and runs till October. The Hampta Pass trek is one of the most famous route ones.


Rafting manali

Rafting in Rishikesh is the most wonderful entertainment in Manali, which is done on the icy cold waters of the Beas river. The river Beas is the only river and its flow are ideal for an exciting rafting. Best time to enjoy this exciting adventure in Manali is June.

Get Tattooed in Old Manali

Manali Tattoo

Old Manali is filled of old-fashioned cafes and tattoo parlours. Go and enjoy a sip of coffee in a café, listen to some pleasant music, and if you are far above the ground enough, get a tattoo.

Hangout in Kasaul


Kasaul is a little and pretty resolution next to the Parvati River. Similar to Old Manali, it is creased up with small shops, cafes, and restaurants offering you a great food. A nice romantic site to have candlelight dinner and spend some time at the Evergreen restaurant.

How to Get to Manali :

By air: Adjacent airport is Bhuntar 50 km from Manali. You can also get flights for Chandigarh and take a taxi from here to Manali.

By road: Volvo and Himachal Pradesh Tourism overnight buses takes you to Manali on a frequent basis.

By train: The adjacent railway station is Chandigarh (350 km) and Ambala ( 360 km).

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