Goa Carnival – the Prime Attraction in Goa


Have you ever visited Goa? If not, you must go there once at least in your life. Affectionately referred to the ‘Party Capital of India’, this beach destination, which is the smallest state of India, is considered as one of the top honeymoon destinations of India. Book now Goa Tour Packages  are particularly tailor made to make the tour of this beach destination easy, comfortable and convenient.

Situated in the southwestern part of India along the coastline of the Arabian Sea, Goa, which is famous for sea, sand and sun, also offers its visitors the chance of taking the fun of the Goan Carnival is the main one of them.

Goa Carnival


Being a much awaited affair in Goa, the Goa Carnival, which is an inseparable heritage of this state now-a-days, is counted among the most visited attractions of this destination. Being the local version of the carnival celebrated worldwide before Mardi Gras, this grand carnival, which is based on the tradition of the Christians brought to this state in 1510 A.D. by the Portuguese, is celebrated each year for four days (between Saturday and Tuesday). Beginning on the Saturday just before Ash Wednesday, this celebration is the grand occasion, when the decorated streets of Goa become live musical performances and festive processions.

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The prime location of the celebration of the Goan Carnival is Panaji, the state capital city of Goa. The other venues of the Goan Carnival are Mapusa, Vasco and Margao. The main highlights of this carnival are the vibrant lavish floats and musical parade. Bringing out the best of the vibrant culture of Goa, this grand festival, which belongs to the Roman Catholic people, provides Goa a new life. Drawing the kind attention of thousands and thousands of people from every nook and corner of all over India as well as all over the world after crossing the state frontiers now-a-days, the Goan Carnival, which initially began as a celebration to be made by the people of the locality of this state, has become a prime attraction of tourists at present. Now-a-days, this carnival has become famous as one of the most colorful and vibrant celebrations in this country.


Goa Carnival 2017 has been declared to be celebrated in Goa between 25th Feb and 28th Feb, 2017. People can attend this grand carnival without any charge.


In this way, we can justly say that Goa is considered as one of the top honeymoon destinations of India. If you are also willing to go to this charming beach destination to take the enjoyment of the festival along with your loved one, you can book Goa Honeymoon Packages from Ahmadabad. All these holiday packages, which are affordable to the budget for all types of people, can also be customized as per the desire of the clients. So, do not get late in thinking in vain now and get quickly prepared to go to this destination to take the unlimited enjoyment of the celebration of the Goan Carnival.


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