Enjoy Zorbing in Manali – the ‘Valley of Gods’


Have you ever gone to Manali to have the unlimited fun of Zorbing? If not, you must go there at least once in your life. Affectionately referred to as the ‘Valley of Gods’, this hill station, which is situated in  the Kullu Valley in the Kullu district in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, is considered as one of the top tourist destinations in India. Every year, thousands and thousand of honeymoon couples, vacationers and backpackers from every part of India as well as the world escape to this charming hill station to enjoy the tour.

Zorbing in Manali

It is known to most of us that Manali has grown as the hub of adventure activities among its visitors. Zorbing is the main one of the outdoor adventure sports activities performed in this hill station. The Solang Valley, which is the perfect spot for adventures, is suitable for doing the activity of Zorbing. On a gentle slope in this gorgeous valley, this outdoor adventure activity is normally well performed. By sitting in an orb or a huge ball, usually built of transparent plastic, one can enjoy this recreation or sport while rolling downhill. Being another recreational activity in this charming hill station, Zorbing, which offers the adventure lovers the fine glimpses of the charming valley from the possible range, has become popular as a great hill adventure activity.


In summer, when snow starts to melt, one can enjoy the adventure activity of Zorbing (a huge ball having space for accommodating 2 people). This immense ball is rolled down a hill with its elevation of 200 m. Thus, this adventure activity, which is enjoyed by getting trapped in a huge ball and rolling down over the hills of the Solang Valley, is regarded as one of the must do things during a family holiday in this breathtaking hill station. Counted among the top adventure activities during the tour of Manali, Zorbing, which is enjoyed by two people at a time to have an excellent opportunity of rolling from the upside to the downside without any idea where the ball is heading to, is made by two people by sitting on an immense transparent plastic ball. Thus, it is clear that this activity is the one of the best adventure activities performed in Manali during summer.

In this way, it can be justly said that Manali is suitable for taking the enjoyment of Zorbing. In case of having the desire for going to this breathtaking hill station, you can book Kullu Manali Tour Packages from Chandigarh. Being affordable to the budget for all types of people, all of these holiday packages, which are available at ARV Holidays, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India, can also be customized as per the desire of the clients. So, what are you thinking about now? Do not waste your time and get immediately ready to go to this hill station to enjoy this adventure activity.


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