4 Short and Affordable Holi Weekend Getaways from Delhi

4 Short Holi Weekend Getaways

Whenever the Holi comes, it brings colors, affections, togetherness and lots of sweets. If we consider it in philosophical way, then it is a festival of love and compassion. Holi is on the way and you are going to have three days weekend to celebrate, so have you planned something for this like where you go on this short weekend. Some of us are going home for Holi, but some of us can’t. Well, I have decided to go a scenic and fun place this weekend. I am definitely going to make my holi vacation special with my friends, you should also plan. Definitely, most of us going to relax on our beds, but only to regret when the long weekends rolls down – don’t allow that happen with you. Spend this long weekend in the foothills of the Himalayas – the place you like to call second home. All you need to familiar about the best Holi weekend escapes from Delhi.

  1. Take a holiday in the wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Stretched next to the Ramganga River bank, bordered by Sal forests and the high green meadows – the park is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas creating it one of the must have wild experience in India. I have been there and done that, so here’s all you need to familiar to decide your weekend tour to Jim Corbett.

What to get from Jim Corbett National Park?

The first thing that comes in our mind when someone says Jim Corbett is a tiger reserve on the dusty routes in the park. But the national Park is not just about tigers; it boasts 580 kinds of birds, 488 varieties of plants, 25 varieties of reptiles and 50 varieties of mammals. The park must deserve a visit.

Jungle Safari: One of my best experiences was to look at the birds of various species hop from branch to branch. I used to be lucky enough to witness a tiger as shortly as we have a tendency to enter the deeper regions of Dhikala Zone. We have a tendency to conjointly saw elephants, Cervus unicolor ruminant, dove, crocodilian reptile within the jungle.

Explore Corbett Museum: It is an old cottage that belonged to the documented tiger conservationist. It is now turn into a museum. The management has safely maintained Jim Corbett’s autobiography, individual possessions, antiques, letters written by him and rare images.

River Rafting: River rafting is an exciting activity that you should enjoy prior to die, then why not right now? The chilled, relaxing water of Kosi River exactly revitalized my spirit. It is the time when you also set yourself free.

Corbett Waterfall: The sixty six foot high water is such a beautiful sight that I’ll bring it to mind for a protracted time.

Fishing: I’m not an enormous fishing fan, however it’s quite fascinating for people who am fond of it, this drainage area of Kosi has several fishing camps.

Finest time to visit Jim Corbett

Though, the national park remains open round the year for travelers, but the perfect time to travel is-November to June, for all the travel areas of Corbett are open.

How to arrive at Jim Corbett from Delhi?

Though you can drive from Delhi or tour by rail, but touring by buses is altogether a unique experience in the month of March when the climate is delightful. The park is connected by road, so you can book a car from the capital of India. Ramnagar railway station in Nainital region is about 68km from Jim Corbett.

Perfect time to go

A one night and two days tour is sufficient to travel the Jim Corbett and try all the exciting activities.

  1. Be footloose in the tranquil valleys of Kanatal


Amidst of Shivalik series and also the tall pine trees resides Kanatal—the place wherever each tired soul desires to revive itself. This little sun-kissed city, lost in its own world still remains comparatively undiscovered. Thus whereas everyone else is flocking to Mussoorie, you’re taking a detour to avoid the group and find lost within the peaceful hills of Kanatal.

What to expect from Kanatal?

Adventure activities: You can enjoy rock climbing, speed boating, zip line, Jet skiing, surfing, etc.

A walk to the Surkanda Devi temple: the temple is devoted to goddess Sati at a height of 3030 m above from the sea level. It was a wonderful feeling.

A walk to Kodai forests: Being a photographer’s land, Kodai forest is an amazing delight for photographers and nature lovers. You should take an entertaining trek of 6 km through the jungle with the views of incredibly beautiful valleys and natural spring.

A tour to the New Tehri: See the Tehri Dam, which is huge with stagnant green water and high hills bordering it.

Best time to visit Kanatal

The perfect time to visit Kanatal is that you can travel around the place throughout the year.

How to arrive Kanatal from Delhi?

If you don’t get a bus from the capital of India to Kanatal, you can catch a bus to Dehradun. There are a number of local buses runs from Dehradun to Kanatal.

Perfect tour duration

One night and two days are enough to discover the place.

  1. Walk through the clouds and the blue sky of Lansdowne

blue sky of Lansdowne

Have you ever witnessed pure heaven? A place is totally untouched by the modernization of all the global things. People who have traveled to Lansdowne will definitely agree with me to visit when all you wish a weekend tour. Trekking and camping in Lansdowne in March-June is a feeling you must have.

Why to expect from Lansdowne?

Camping: We decided to stay in camp instead of hotels and it was really a great feeling. The tour was so amazing.

Bhulla Tal: Personally, I like to spend some quality time by the lake and indulge in the peace of the environments. But you can enjoy an exciting boat ride.

Trek to Snow point of view: If you travel to Lansdowne during no snowfall, then you should trek to get the best snow view. Though, it’s a little rough climb but you can enjoy a view of the snow-covered mountains from there.

Watch the sun going down on the edge: Sunset is the most amazing part of nature. You can notice the sky changing its colors at the bank of a cliff.

Bird watching: Watch the migratory birds

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve: If you are fortunate enough, you will get a sight of tigers

Best time to visit Lansdowne

You can travel Lansdowne at any time and you will definitely like it. If you love the emerald soft mountains under the sky decorated with clouds, then visit in March to June!

How to reach Lansdowne from Delhi?

Take bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Kotdwar and later you hire a taxi from Kotdwar to Lansdowne.

Perfect tour time

One night and two days are enough to explore the peace and joy of the region.

  1. Set your mind free & let your heart take flight at Rishikesh


Rishikesh is a terra firma of yogis and meditation, where traveler across the world comes to find peace and enlightenment. It is evenly famous for its exciting activities and camping. It is also a paradise for travelers. Visit here in any season and you will fall in love with it.

What to expect from Rishikesh?

Adventure sports: river rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, trekking and flying fox are famous exciting sports.

Yoga & meditation: You should learn few yoga aasans and thought tips. It did it too. Just allow your worries disappear with meditation.

Triveni Ghat: This is the flowing together of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Take a holy dip in the Ghat. Also, visit to Rishi Kund and Raghunath Temple.

Shopping: buy some amazing wooden decor products and wall paintings for your house.

Parmarth Ghat aarti: Rishikesh is well-known for its spectacular evening Ghat-side aartis. You can get the most beautiful pictures of the aarti.

Best time to visit Rishikesh

The best time to go Rishikesh is in March to April and then September to October.

How to reach Rishikesh from Delhi?

The best routes to reach Rishikesh from Delhi are by rail. You can board on a bus to arrive Rishikesh happily.

Perfect time to visit

One night and two days tour to Rishikesh is sufficient to relax mind.

Holi comes once in a year and it should be celebrated in a grand way. Booking an India tour packages from delhi on the weekend close to the capital of India, refresh your mind and soul.



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