Experience a royal taste of India in Rajasthan

Rajasthan travel

A disharmony of times all played in quick onward, with top sounds that is noisy and grating. Yes, the beauty exists in the unfeasible splendor and stylishness of the palaces and forts, but changes to the million rooftops they overlook, with a story below gives this site a feel of sensory load. An imprinted wooden door, the spicy Masala Chai, the gold plated pink sari, the hopeful smile of the flower vendor, the different call from the mosque, the conspiracy from the village children, the fine strokes on a wall-paintings, the aroma of a real India curry, the Indian music and others, make your Rajasthan tours an unforgettable.

My first taste of India…

Rajasthan tour was my first step to India and I am surprised and completely inspired. Every traveler to India will have a unique story, but for me it starts with an elephant. Two faces of a valuable coin, these halves make up a town that is a magnificent foreword into getting the nation’s rich history and giving wide background to rest of your trip.

My next stoppage of India …

Jaipur (the pink city)…

Jaipur a city of love

It is truly looks like a real group of color on our India adventure tour. Move to the city and its flower souks, turban stalls and painted all, from colorful trucks to elephants. We were fortunate enough to have a trip of the City Palace, through complicated pleasurable rooms of red and gold, containing a superb dining room. On its roof terrace you will feel like you are away from the throngs, with superb scenes overlooking the town’s falling rooftops and the huge door, the Observatory. Ascertain you have sufficient time to explore Amer, further than the traveler’s catch of the fort walls and explore the stunning step wells, imprinted temples, buffalo and monkeys.

Dera Amer…

Dera Amer

On your way to Jaipur, elephant camp Dera Amer provides some relaxing time! Help wash the elephants and take an evening walk with them prior to a delicious candle light customary dinner under the starry sky. They have included 4 luxury tents to their collection so there is no longer any requirement to run back to the town for the night.


Jodhpur Perfect Royal Touch

Jodhpur is another less crowded tourist place with its blue walls, souks and extensive Mehrangarh Fort, it surely demands 2 days on your plan. Discover the souks filled with spices, vegetables and wicker containers and others. At least you should spend an evening while watching the sunset at the fort. Also take a view of the sparkling blue city.

Udaipur (the city of Lakes)…

Udaipur Romantic city

A tour to this colorful state goes down to Udaipur, the city of lakes and what a beautiful place it is. By this point you will be rejuvenated and frantic to see another palace and the palace overlooks Lake Pichola, with its stunning Taj Lake Palace in the middle. You can spend almost a day while drinking a cup of tea at a lake view terrace, wondering in the Markets and others. Major highlight of Udaipur is taking early morning a cycle ride passing through the nearby villages, kids on their way to school, ending up back at the lake side to get a cup of tea at the tea stall here.

India is a nation of everything, such dissimilarities and colors; any travelers and photographer’s dream. There is such only one of its kind beauty here and with e-visas now accessible online and budget flights, now is the time to book Rajasthan travel packages with price to go.


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