Explore Mount Batur in Bali

Mount Batur in Bali

Have you ever visited Bali? If not, you must go there once at least in your life. Situated in the southeast Asian nation of Indonesia, this tourist destination, which boasts of being the most preferred island destination of this country, is counted among the most visited holiday destinations in the  world. Each year, thousands and thousands of romantic couples, holiday vacationers and backpackers from every part of the world to escape to this island destination to enjoy the tour. Continue reading “Explore Mount Batur in Bali”


Celebrate Bali’s Galungan Festival – Just like Christmas


Do you know that Bali, which is the most visited island destination in Indonesia, also experiences the Galungan Festival, which is just like Christmas? Continue reading “Celebrate Bali’s Galungan Festival – Just like Christmas”